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QA Testing - Automation Testing


QA Testing - Automation Testing

Automated software testing provides the benefits of speed, cost-effectiveness, and precision when testing large projects and software built over multiple iterations. When tests are done automatically — there's no need to involve lots of resources into the process, and the quality of the end product is still great.

Automation helps a lot when it comes to the test coverage. The pre-written script basically does all the job by itself, eliminating the need for additional human intervention, hence keeping the focus on scalability, overpowering human laziness, inattentiveness, and low speed.
Automation helps to optimize the development workflow, significantly reducing your Time-to-Market. Automated testing is consistent and covers much more software functions than manual testing. Yet, test automation is a cost-efficient solution for small and middle-sized projects, which usually have tight deadlines and resources. Automated and manual types of testing combined — result in the most accurate test outcome, which is crucial for complex projects. Our team of award-winning testing engineers will help you choose the kind of testing that fits best for your project, and will totally engage in the testing process to achieve supreme delivery.